Field Notes for the Wilderness

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A nurturing collection of practices to help an emerging generation of Christians reconnect to their faith, find inner healing and build spiritual community - from Glennon Doyle's 'favourite faith writer' and the New York Times bestselling author of Jesus Feminist and editor of A Rhythm of Prayer.

It's hard to leave a faith that has raised us. Maybe even harder to stay. But what can feel impossible is living in the tension. Living with a faith that evolves.

Sarah Bessey is an expert at faithfully stumbling forward. As a bestselling author and co-founder of Evolving Faith, the foremost community for progressive Christians, she has been trusted by thousands of people to pursue a reconstruction of faith centred on compassion, truth and inclusion. Bessey has found a deeply underserved and underestimated remnant in the wilderness of Christianity, who are still devoted to Jesus, deeply rooted in the gospel, fascinated with Scripture and committed to reimagining their faith.

Field Notes for the Wilderness guides the reader through multiple principles to live by for an evolving faith, including:

- Practising wonder and curiosity as spiritual disciplines
- Mothering ourselves with compassion and empathy
- Making space for lament and righteous rage
- Finding good spiritual teachers
- Discovering what we are 
for in this life, and moving in that direction

In this groundbreaking and hopeful book, Bessey has given us a table for our questions, a shepherd for our curiosity, tools to cultivate what we crave and a blessing for what was -even as we leave it behind.