Thanks and Praise: A Supplement to the Church Hymnal (Words Only)

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The Church of Ireland has a successful tradition of publishing supplements containing recent and contemporary compositions to enrich its expression of worship. Its current hymn book was published in 2000 and this new supplement contains some 200 hymns, songs and liturgical settings reflecting the best of church music to emerge since the compilation of the most recent edition of the Church Hymnal. The selection includes many hymns and songs, plus a new setting for the Eucharist, short songs and chants - alleluias, kyries, and blessings, a number of items in the Irish language, music from the world church and some completely new compositions and arrangements. Two years in preparation, the selection has been overseen by a team of parish and cathedral musicians and clergy and has been tested in local parishes. It is fully authorised by the Synod of the Church of Ireland and will be launched at the 2015 Synod. The editorial team includes Bishop Harold Miller (Chair), Peter Thompson, Janet Maxwell and others.